Being a volunteer in the I love Bucharest team is an opportunity for:
- Creating a unique experience of work in public art and participatory art projects;
- Working in a young team of artists and managers;
- Creating an unique experience in organizing and managing of art projects;
- Working in a flexible creative and enthusiastic environment,
- Trying out an alternative to the institutional way to address cultural and artistic projects;
- Developing one’s own ideas of art projects dedicated to public space in Bucharest;
- Involvement in a wider range of artistic activities with cultural and social stakes, creating changes in people’s living environment (aesthetic and civic);
- Expansion of personal social agenda;
- Gaining social recognition through participation in public art projects and activities;
- Experience exchange with Romanian and foreign artists.

Being a volunteer in the I love Bucharest team requires:
- Reliability,
- Flexibility,
- Availability,
- Creativity,
- Initiative,
- Accountability,

- Teamwork,
- Enthusiasm.

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