The proposals of the I love Bucharest programme attracted collaborations with Romanian and international artists, artists' associations, authorities, public institutions, private enterprises and mass-media representatives.

The programme has now reached four years of activity and owes an important part of his existence to the constant support of Avrig 35, a private company in Bucharest, whose policy is directed towards supporting arts and Romanian artists.

Asociatia din Pod (The Association in the Attic) - dedicated to public art and community development in Romania - and MORA Foundation (More Opportunities for Romanian Artists) - focusing on supporting Romanian artists and promoting of contemporary art - are now key partners of the programme.

On behalf of the entire team, we thank all and each of our partners for their confidence and support:

2008 European Year of Intercultural Dialogue
"We appreciate that the Association in the Attic, the MORA Gallery and their partners democratised the process of aesthetic, cultural and social rehabilitation of public spaces in Bucharest by understanding how each and everyone can bring something to the process. As they themselves mentioned, for metroART, the children played, the artists were inspired and created projects so that everyone can choose the surrounding public space or, in a more poetic way expressed my the artists: "the setting that will go by tomorrow, the light that will show our way, the seat on which we’ll rest until the arrival of the next subway.” And so it was, their words were closely followed by facts and result until now, the new appearance of the Gara de Nord subway station is impressive, suggestive, welcoming and alive.
We also love that they give purpose to the citizen contribution in the city, signalling, however, that in the case of the damaged buildings of Bucharest, we need the support of all people: civil society, authorities and private companies. Red Spot triggers an alarm signal, reminding us that we have a past, without which the future is a game of chance, that the images around us are reflections of our destiny and inner parts of the community game today. The wounds of the city suggest an internal conflict and community intercultural dialogue is certainly needed to build the future history of the city.
Last but not least, we like that they remind us that art is part of our lives and it would be appropriate to take part in it. This commitment will repay itself, the surrounding beauty creates beauty and inner balance; so maybe that by being less irritated by the drudgery and ugliness of the city, we will be better and more open to each other, we will accept and enjoy the differences between us.

Bucharest needs such a committed participatory art project to highlight the diversity of the people here."
Consultancy Centre for European Cultural Programmes is the national coordination body for the EU Programme "European Year of Intercultural Dialogue” (EYID) in 2008


AVRIG 35 Group

"Avrig 35 already has a tradition in supporting young Romanian artists. So when some of them initiated the I love Bucharest programme, Avrig 35 supported them from the beginning.In these times, when people of Bucharest are busier and busier and do not have time to go to museums or theatre, it is the turn of beauty through the arts to come to us in the places we frequent every day, such as the subway or streets in the centre of Bucharest. With the I love Bucharest programme, part of the public transit spaces have become more colourful and more cheerful, cheering up our daily lives.
Last but not least, the initiators’ encouragement to become ourselves artists, to paint, to participate in an active manner to the programme, makes us more aware of our city, heritage and local cultural values."

Auto Total

The Auto Total team chose to support the program I love Bucharest in the same spirit in which they operate: self-respect and respect for the others and the desire to make things better day by day.
Out of respect for the city where we live and for young artists who need our support, of all of us.Out of respect for the aesthetic taste of those who appreciate the change for the better and originality in any field. Because we all deserve something better, more beautiful, and because we found a part of ourselves in this programme.



We feel that TimeOut Bucharest is one of the most vehement supporters of the projects included in the I love Bucharest programme. This is also due to the common goal that TimeOut shares with the initiators of the programme: the city. TimeOut Bucharest is the only magazine in the capital city that supports the new urban projects designed to make the most of the “social aspect” in the capital. Publimedia has joined the I love Bucharest project through TimeOut, Descopera and Business Magazin publications.


UniCredit Tiriac Bank

Faced with such a beautiful initiative that combines our permanent concern for art and culture with concern for the environment, we considered Bucharest metroART a project which should undoubtedly be helped. Basically, Bucharest metroART brings culture to a transit area, gradually transforming the metro into a friendly and more meaningful environment, into a vehicle that promotes cultural, artistic and scientific values hosted by the museums in the Victoria Square area. It is obvious the urban environment can only benefit from the initiative of the I love Bucharest team, since we speak of the aesthetic rehabilitation of a traffic zone that provides an alternative for the polluted and congested areas of the capital.

UniCredit Leasing

The intention of the Bucharest metroART - 1 Victoria Square project to reinvent a public space, otherwise trivial, but under intense traffic for the city dwellers, and giving it a new identity, was welcomed by UniCredit Leasing. Due to I love Bucharest programme,some of the public spaces will be transformed into true works of modern art. UniCredit Leasing supported the I love Bucharest programme in its Bucharest metroART - 1 Victoria Square project because it is our belief that any creative project, bringing the focus on our beautiful metropolis, needs a strong partner, engaged in constant contact with all aspects of urban life.

United Experts

The urban space and the vitality of community life in this space are issues that require a wide debate in Romania and a consistent approach. I love Bucharest addresses the public and community art, signalling problems of the public space and sharing their vision of a humanized city. For United Experts art and culture are essential aspects of community life. Therefore, the members of the United Experts appreciate the responsibility and enthusiasm with which I love Bucharest dedicated to this area and decided to support the organizational development of this initiative. United Experts is a quality label which guarantees excellence in cultural development, and providing advisory services to operators and institutions engaged in development of culture and arts. (

University of Bucharest

I love Bucharest. How could you not appreciate such an initiative whose source is the city where you were born, you studied and live? How could you not get along with the small and kind group who initiated this approach and wanted nothing more but to urge the citizens of the capital to restore our living space? And the popularity of the first project dedicated to the citizens, “Book Street”, was a proof of success. We were very pleased by the request to be partners in this first initiative of young people who dared to break patterns.

The University of Bucharest was honoured to provide not only the facade - a historical monument of the oldest institution of higher education in Bucharest - but also to provide beneficial suggestions through quotations of the great personalities of Romanian and universal culture, displayed on large banners located on the front of our building. The two components of the project: banners with quotes placed on the university building and artistic interventions on the dealers’ cabinets of old books with stencils made by the artists of the I love Bucharest team brought additional colour and joy to the cultural space of a city that we all love and to which we owe the civic duty to care and protect in order to be worthy of the title of European Capital.

Rector of the University of Bucharest

Prof. Ioan Pânzaru