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Draw for Bucharest is an artistic project constructed entirely with elements (drawings) created by Bucharest inhabitants, students and tourists.A couple of animation projects organised by the I love Bucharest team encouraged people to draw for Bucharest, out of their own will and imagination. During the last animation that was implemented for three days in March 2008, people of all ages, gender or education created their own visual messages.

in front of the fountain at the University, the artists offered passers-by easels and invited them to draw whatever came to their mind regarding two themes: “Why do I love Bucharest?” and “About Bucharest”. In the previous years, this kind of activity was successful in gathering a few hundreds of drawings, most of them made by young people and children.

A football field, cars in traffic, means of transportation, people, churches, blocks, planes, even sheep - were the elements realistically or metaphorically depicting scenes of the city life; they were drawn by passers-by and made into the composition that was exposed on the wall of the University.

The drawings were put together by artists in a composition that was printed on a 256sqm mesh and installed on a facade of the University of Bucharest.

The 256 sqm mesh was lifted on scaffolds on Edgar Quinet street in the morning of July 28, where it was left for two months, after which it was intended to have it itinerated all over the city.

The I love Bucharest team of artists chose this type of support usualy used for advertising, and turned around its significance. A presentation of Bucharest identity seen through the eyes of the inhabitant of the capital became here also an artistic message for social responsibility that emerges out of an expression and communication exercise.

Draw for Bucharest was organised by Asociatia din Pod (the Attic Association) under the aegis of the European Year for Intercultural Dialogue 2008. The project also had the support of the MORA Foundation, University of Bucharest, the 1st District City Hall, Swiss Cultural Peogramme in Romania, United Experts, Beta Cons, Avrig 35, Zest Romania, Business Magazin, Descopera, MTV, ProFM Dance and TimeOut Bucharest

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Asocia?ia din Pod


Avrig 35
Beta Cons
Zest Romania


Funda?ia MORA
Universitatea din Bucure?ti
Prim?ria Sectorului 1
A.E.D.I. 2008
United Experts
Swiss Culture Programme in Romania

Parteneri Media:

TimeOut Bucure?ti
Business Magazin
ProFM Dance