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Call for animation shorts
Deadline August 30, 2010

Selected animations will be shown on Zoom TV monitors in Bucharest subway stations from October 15 to November 15, 2010.
This event is part of the “Mr. Urban” project, developed and organized by "Asociatia din Pod" & "MORA Foundation" as part of the "I love Bucharest" public art program, in partnership with Zoom TV.

Mitica was discovered

In September, between the 18th and 20th, Mitica and 9 other characters (large dimensional sculptures created by artists with the help of children and high school students) invited inhabitants and visitors in the Old Centre of Bucharest to discover them, their story and the 10 cultural and historical sights that they represent. Over 300 people took part in the game, completed the itinerary, discovered the name of the characters and came up with an end for the story.

There are 10 artistic intervention projects that will decorate the subway station Piata Victoriei 1. They are brought by artistsfrom the I love Bucharestteam and British artists. The installations will mark the three museums locatedin the area: RomanianPeasant Museum,"Grigore Antipa" National Museum of Natural History and NationalMuseum of Geology.
I love Bucharest team of artists already changed the atmosphere of Gara de Nord metro station.
metroArt is a pilot project and an invitation for public institutions, private an civil initiatives to come up with and develop new artistic and cultural projects in and for the public space in the capital city of Romania.

Roll Up Art is a public art project that gathers together contemporary works of visual art of Romanian and international artists and displays them in large, crowded areas in Bucharest. This way, the passer-by is invited to contemplate contemporary artworks in an alternative unlimited and much more direct exhibition space. While the first edition (November 4,5, 10,11 2006) focused on Romanian artists, the second one (March 27, 28, 29 2008) broadened the international input of works of art. A third edition will hopefully shortly follow.
Book Street project delivers an artistic intervention in an important central public space in Bucharest, the “Bouquinists” area next to the University of Bucharest. It has done so through two components: banners and stencils.

Red Spot is an art project conceived as an alarm signal for the people of Bucharest- inhabitant, authorities, civil sector and private companies.
Red Spot is a warning sign for the collective indifference.
Red Spot draws attention to neglected places in the city. The centre of the capital city is one of those places, but not the only one. A large number of streets, houses and other heritage buildings are perishing right in front of our eyes, thus adding to a heavy, grey feeling of Bucharest.

Draw for Bucharest is an artistic project constructed entirely with elements (drawings) created by Bucharest inhabitants, students and tourists.A couple of animation projects organised by the I love Bucharest team encouraged people to draw for Bucharest, out of their own will and imagination. During the last animation that was implemented for three days in March 2008, people of all ages, gender or education created their own visual messages.
Houses for Angels is the second ILB community art project involving Romanian and British artists. It was implemented between June 17 and 30, 2007 at the children centre of the Saint Macrina Foundation. Over a period of two weeks, 10 artists worked with children and developed two installations and a mural painting for decorating the new building of the center, based on the ideas, objects and drawings created during previous workshops with the children.
I love Bucharest a fost co-organizator al primei editii a proiectuluiPuzzle Project august 2006 , “primul proiect de arta urbana organizat in Bucuresti”, conform presei acelui moment. Puzzle Project este un proiect urban conceput ca tabara anuala de arta, deschisa si interactiva. La prima sa editie, sub tema Urban Feeling,...
A first art intervention was conducted at the night shelther in Bucharest - Casa Ioana. The project included workshops with residents and cultural exchanges between Romanian and British artists (from the FreeForm Arts Trust in London). The artistic intervention consisted in a mural painting on the facade of the old communist market in the Brancoveanu area, where the shelter is located.
A second artistic intervention was conducted in the Daycare Center of the same NGO - Casa Ioana Foundation - in June 2006. Three of the volunteer artists in the team painted the facade of the building in the Bucurestii Noi area. The mural painting “unvailing” event was attended by British and Romanian high public figures.
Several projects were initiated, developed and implemented in the 4 days of the event in 2006, involving 15 Romanian artists and part of the community in the area of the old town. This was an important opportunity for artists and for the community there, generally consisting of Roma families. The projects developed in the event were based on dialogue and collaboration with the community in the area, facilitated the broadening of perspectives for its members and contributed to their social integration.
Art Delivery was a 2006 project of cooperation between various public institutions, many NGOs and private initiatives, including the Grigore Mora Gallery. The gallery has chosen to present the new public and community art programme - I love Bucharest.
Street Delivery was the theme of the second and following several editions of the event. I love Bucharest and the art gallery attended with original projects, which again attracted a large segment of the event’s audience and gained new supporters of the principles of the programme.