About us

I love Bucharest programme was initiated in the autumn of 2005 and has developed as an innovative and proactive programme that focuses on the regeneration of public space in Bucharest. It also aims to engage civic responsibility and public participation through art interventions.
The statement name is inspired by the public art produced in projects like I love Berlin, I love Paris, I love New York. It’s a declaration of a projected future determined by present actions of artists, different groups of people and institutions, creating art interventions, public art projects and educational projects in an engaging, participative and open approach.
The new field that the I love Bucharest programme proposes suits both the needs of young and emerging artists and the aesthetic needs of the city and also puts together the arts and the civic dialogue.
Up until now, I love Bucharest has organized a series of public art projects, animations and artistic interventions, either independently or as part of much broader events.
The I love Bucharest programme develops and organizes art projects aiming to rehabilitate the aesthetic and cultural aspects of the Romanian public space and to bring several advantages:

1.      Laying the opportunities for artists to create and show their work to a large and diverse public.

2.      Engaging civic solidarity, involvement in public actions and civic responsibility through an opportunity to experiment artistic techniques and alternative communication methods that are offered to people of all ages, gender, educational or social status.

3.      Drawing the attention of the public to the local heritage, cultural values and their renewing possibilities by means of artistic discourse and participatory activities.

The programme has brought together around 30 artists, architects, students, a few communities, a few tourists and lots of the inhabitants of Bucharest, of different ages, education or social positions.
Asociatia din Pod (the Association in the Attic), aiming through its activity for the development of public and community art in Romania, and MORA Foundation (More Opportunities for Romanian Artists), focusing on supporting Romanian contemporary arts and artists, are full partners of the I love Bucharest programme.
The programme owes its resistance to the permanent support of Avrig 35 as well, a private company in Bucharest that holds a strong policy of helping Romanian artists and promoting art.


Irina Abaza
Mara Patriche
Mihaela Miron Mihaela Ciu?tea


Fundatia Mora
Asociatia Din Pod
Avrig 35
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Irina Abaza
Mara Patriche
Cristina Taras
Razvan Neagoe
Alina Tudor
Virginia Toma
Liviu Crihan
Mihaela Ciustea
Irina Broboana
George Ionescu
Mihai Florea
Vladimir Dincu
Judith Balko
Mihai Balko
Mihaela Miron


Aneli Munteanu
Marilena Burcea
Maria Murgu
Ramon Sadîc
Codruta Cernea
Carmen Ciobanu
Adriana Mereuta
Monica Tanase
Renata Scorobete
Adriana Scripcariu
Tatiana Nichita
Alexandru Ciubotariu
Alexandru Poteca
Mona Chirvasiu
Bogdan Stratescu
Cristian Georgescu
Raluca Gheorghe
Alexandru Bounegru
Natalija Simovic